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Welcome to the Videogame and movie character fanon WikiEdit

Welcome to Videogame and Movie Character fanon wiki!!! This wiki is for fans that like certain characters from a movie or a videogame, so you can make a page for them on this wiki. Before you go onto making pages and join the wiki you must follow these rules:

1. No foul language on this wiki whatsoever!!!

2. You can spam on the chat A LITTLE! Dont go beserk and say for example: akgjakljlardjlgjlgjajgdljg in paragraphs.

3. Roleplay is allowed on Chat

4. Be nice to each other on the wiki, including the chat.

5. Anyone is allowed on Chat there are no requirements to be on chat.

6. Have a good time!


I will give you 5 warnings if you break the rules 1,2 and 4 on chat

1. A warning saying not to do that action again.

2. You will be warned again

3. You will be kickbanned for 1 day.

4. You will be kickbanned for a week.

5. You will be banned for good.

Thanks for reading this article and if you have any questions feel free to contact me on my talk page and i will respond to you ASAP.

                 The main admin of this wiki:

PS: If you vandalize this wiki you will be eliminated by my keyblade! Got it Memorized? >:)

How to Join this wiki:Edit

Ok, to join this wiki all you have to do is either add a page of your favorite videogame character if it isnt on this wiki already. If it is try thinking of a different character that isnt on here or edit a page if you know more information on a certain page. Once you do your first edit you will automatically be entered as a member of this wiki. (This also works for other wikis)

This wiki's goalEdit

1. Get more members

2. Make more pages

3. Make this wiki awesome!!!! XD

Latest activityEdit

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